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Looking for things to do in Johannesburg, look no further! Johannesburg Urban Adventures explores the colourful capital of South Africa, allowing travellers to experience the authentic side of the city on a list of intimate Johannesburg tours. Johannesburg is a stimulating city with a turbulent history and diverse culture awaiting to be discovered by intrepid travellers wishing to get the most out of their visit. On our guided tours of Johannesburg, travellers can cycle through the city or explore on foot, meeting the locals and see where people live and work throughout the city on a Johannesburg day tours.


Together with our sister destination, Cape Town, we look forward to showing you around our home towns here in South Africa.


Unknown to most travellers, Johannesburg, also called Jo’burg or Jozi more affectionately by the locals, boasts the only street in the world to house two Nobel Peace Prize winners in Soweto: Nelson Mandela and Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Taking a tour of Soweto is a great way to see how the real people of Jo'burg live.

Cycle Soweto, Johannesburg tour Cycle Soweto
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From ZAR 1,155.00

Cycle straight into the soul of South Africa on this Johannesburg tour through the streets of iconic Soweto. See where Mandela once called home, cycle past Desmond Tutu's current digs, and hit a local shebeen bar for a cool drink and a game of pool.



Jozi by Foot, Johannesburg tour Jozi by Foot
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The best of Jozi can be tricky to find on your own. Enlist the help of a local guide on this Johannesburg tour that side steps the usual spots and embraces things like art, architecture, culture, history, and a traditional healers market. 


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Ms. Katie B.
10 Aug 2014
This trip gave me a new perspective and appreciation for all that Johannesburg has to offer, and I really enjoyed exploring Soweto on a pushbike.
Ms. Stella B.
21 Feb 2013
I loved. And I'm a terrible cyclist and the guides waited me and were very pacient. They showed us everything and talked about the most important events. Amazing experience.
Ms. Susan T.
13 Apr 2011
Excellent mix of cultural and educational experience with very informative and sensitive guide.

Johannesburg Urban Adventures

The Johannesburg Urban Adventures Teamwas established through a desire to share our passion for Africa with like-minded adventurers. With a passion for their destination, the team is committed to offering uniqueJohannesburg tours and experiences to travellers.


Together with our sister destination in Cape Town we like to consider ourselves the local experts in our hometowns.


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